Historic big money project means big job boost for Metro Atlanta

February 27, 2012 by  

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a request by Southern Company, a utility conglomerate headquartered in Georgia, to expand Plant Vogtle by fitting it with twin 1,100 megawatt reactors. This is great news for job seekers, environmentalists, technical colleges, landowners and businesses providing print services and office supplies.

The $14 billion construction project is expected to create 4,000 new jobs and begin generating electricity by 2016. With an unemployment rate of 9.4 percent, metro Atlanta will benefit tremendously from this,

“It’s the hardest I’ve seen it in my lifetime. We’re really excited that they [Soouthern] are coming back, and we feel like we are in a better position to utilize the jobs and get local people the jobs this time,” said former Waynesboro mayor Georgia DeLoach.

Linda Sorrow, a resident near the plant agrees,

“It wakes everybody up. There’s an excitement in the air for new jobs for our local people.”

Unemployed workers are not the only group positively affected by the decision. Applicants for Augusta Technical College’s nuclear engineering program has doubled. Farmers with extra land for RVs, hotels and landlords will benefit from the influx of workers in the area looking for a place of residence,

“There are a lot of people coming in. They don’t have anything right when they get here, but then they find something that is permanent,” said Jameson Inn executive Tony Maness.

Environmentalists are also praising the expansion because it decreases air producing by allowing Southern Company to reduce its dependence on coal-fired plants.

Such an influx of jobs also means office supply companies in duluth and other metro areas will do well. Print companies will also see increased demand for banner printing, digital business cards and flyer printing. This could translate into more hiring from this sector of the economy.