Duluth to extend food truck scheme

November 6, 2013 by  

The popularity of food truck cuisine in Duluth, and throughout the whole of Gwinnett County has proven to be incredibly popular this year – so popular, in fact, that its organisers are expanding the project.

The extension, which will please many Duluth locals and workers, was confirmed by Alisa Williams towards the end of October.

Offering up tempting local cuisine and food from farther afield, it is perhaps no surprise that Duluth officials have decided that this is a good thing.

A regular sight at block parties and other community events, food trucks always attract a large crowd. Helped in part by colorful banner printing around the trucks too, they often have the lockdown on the longest queues at any event.

It is taking a lead from the block parties, which are just one event where the initiative has proven so very successful.

Since starting earlier this year, the food trucks have been accompanied by some great live music and other entertainment. One of the most popular complementary events put on have been the movie screenings, and such events will likely continue through the extension period.

The exact locations of the extended period have not yet been confirmed, but they will most likely be in and around the downtown area. Most other trucks have been based in that area, expected for the Fall Festival preparations late in September.

A weekly event at the end of the week, the extension period covers the trucks up until November 15.