Duluth starts preparing for 2012 Fall Festival

September 5, 2012 by  

Duluth is getting ready for its annual Fall Festival, which this year again promises to see the attendance over the weekend hit 100,000.

The festival, which is widely supported by the local business community, is a great way for companies to promote themselves. Many have already signed up to have a booth, with company literature able to be freely distributed. Poster printing, business card printing and the like is bound to be done in large volumes to ensure the best opportunity can be taken.

This year sees the festival celebrate its 30th Anniversary, so it is sure to be a real highlight in Duluth’s calendar. A carnival will open the festival on Thursday September 27, which will be only the third time such an event has been launched. Speaking about the entertainment on offer, Gin Willis, who created the carnival, said:

“It’s a great way to start the festival.”

With the Taste of Duluth on September 13 and the Festival Concert on September 22, though, it will really get underway a good deal earlier than the carnival official start. Indeed, it could be argued that the Anniversary Concert really got things going back in June.

The Duluth Fall Festival gets well into its stride over the weekend of September 29 and 30. With a veritable host of activities, entertainment, and food on offer, there is going to be an awful lot going on.

As has become traditional, the festival’s final highlight will be the road race. Taking place on Sunday September 30, it is 5km road ride around landmarks of the town, attracting both serious and fun runners.