Duluth sees significant population growth

August 19, 2012 by  

According to data from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the population of Gwinnett County has grown by more than 9,000 over the last 12 months. With Duluth seeing significant population growth of its own, local businesses could be set for profit growth.

The growth of population has been seen despite a still slow economic market in the area. It is also true that the rate of expansion across metro Atlanta has slowed from previous years before the recession.

Speaking about the news, ARC executive director Doug Hooker said,

“While this growth is certainly slower than what we became accustomed to in the ’90s and 2000s, this pace is laudable in the face of the economic pressures we face.”

However, though the rate has slowed, the metro Atlanta is still vast. It is now more populated than 24 states within the country. To April 1, 2012, the population is just shy of 4.2 million residents.

With Gwinnett County, of which Duluth is a major part, seeing the largest influx of people, businesses need to be focused on marketing themselves. This means that stationery printing, business card printing, and all other types of printed media might need to be stepped up. With a larger number of residents relying on local services, stores, and organizations, there will be a great deal of opportunity.

Hooker also went on to say:

“This blip in our growth pattern allows the region and our local governments to catch our collective breaths and prepare for the return of more typical growth.”

With the economy starting to recover, this increased opportunity should simply provide businesses with more growth potential.