Duluth residents asked to make Gwinnett greener after Holiday Season

January 2, 2013 by  

From now through January 18, Duluth folks looking for a way to dispose of their 2012 Christmas tree are once again urged to take it to their nearest ‘Bring One for the Chipper’ location.

With three sites across the town, there should be plenty of opportunity. Poster printing, hopefully on recycled paper, will likely have already taken place to make folks aware.

For near on 30 years, the Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful group and the local governments have been helping to recycle Christmas trees. Over this time, it is thought that equates to near 1.5 million trees.

As well as saving precious landfill (each tree takes up the same amount of room as a washing machine), there is another great benefit. Used to provide mulch for parks in the area, it is all about giving back to nature in more ways than one.

For nearly the last 10 years, this has been done through the chipper program, and it has been getting ever bigger. In 2011, Gwinnettians recycled over 25,000 trees through the program.

With sales of real Christmas trees likely to be significantly down this time, however, fewer donations are expected. It is therefore important that all households and local businesses with real trees contribute where they can.

Anyone wishing to responsibly dispose of the tree therefore is asked to bring it to one of the three fire station locations in Duluth, the full details of which can be found on the Gwinnitt Clean & Beautiful website.