Duluth folks lend a hand to northern sister city

July 12, 2012 by  

Amid record floods to the north, the residents of Duluth, Georgia are pulling together to provide those living in Duluth Minnesota with a helping hand in its recovery.

Following a conversation between Mayor Nancy Harris and her northern counterpart Mayor Don Ness, where more hands were said to be needed in the cleanup, Mayor Harris’ attention turned to gloves:

“He [Ness] said what they really needed was people who could work. I started thinking: ‘Well, they need hands to work.’ I started thinking about what we could collect and bring up in a van. And I thought of work gloves.”

This thought process led to the formation of Giving Hands; an initiative to collect and send adult-sized work gloves to Minnesota’s Duluth.

Now, following poster printing in the city and other local advertising, the initiative which was launched amid the Fourth of July festivities has seen many hundreds of adult gloves being donated. They will be transported to the northern sister city at the end of this month.

The drive has been welcomed by Mayor Ness in Minnesota, who said:

“It’s wonderful to see.”

Though many gloves have already been donated, there are still calls for more. The drive lasts through July 20, so there is still over a week to make a donation.

The floods have been so bad in the northland that many residents from the south have also taken more direct action. This has included sending food parcels and heading up country personally to help with the cleanup wherever needed.