Duluth 2013 arts festival takes first steps

February 10, 2014 by  

Organizers of the Barefoot Festival 2013 in Duluth have started contacted artists from across Gwinnett County ahead of the spring fundraiser.

The festival, set up a decade ago by Caryn McGarity and a number of local patrons is compelled to promote and invest in the local art scene. Raising $50,000 since 2004, it has since also become a popular way for families to enjoy Mother’s Day each year.

With the 2013 event taking place across May 10 to 11, this year will be no different. The special weekend will be commemorated once again at Duluth Town Green.

To help folks decide what they want to view, brochure printers will likely have plenty to keep them busy. With a good deal of marketing in the lead up to the event taking place too, it is expected to be well attended.

There will be a lot to see, from visual to performing arts. There will also be a number of interactive elements, with dedicated areas for children and adults.

McGarity said:

“Barefoot is a two-day Artists’ Market providing art experiences for all ages; from Children’s Art Park, Adult Learning Village, Student Art Exhibit and Performing Artists demonstrating their talents on our performance stage throughout the weekend.”

People will also be able to buy a great gift, perhaps for mom, with many artists selling their own paintings, jewelry, and other creations.