Downtown Duluth redevelopment creeps closer

December 14, 2013 by  

The redevelopment of Duluth has taken a step closer to reality, with the publishing of the official blueprints for the plan.

The overhaul of Downtown Duluth has long been a target for businesses and city officials, and with the draft plan now being publicized, folks can see the direction the city will be headed.

Displayed on the city’s website, there are also likely to be brochure printing runs taking place of the draft.

The plans are quite far reaching; with an emphasis on making the urban environment better in many aspects. Setting the scene of ‘The Master Plan for Downtown Duluth’, the document’s introduction states:

“Walkable urbanism is not new, it is a return to the way towns and cities functioned for thousands of years, but it is the new force of real estate development, and wise cities are promoting this development pattern as the springboard of their future economic and cultural health.”

It goes on to say that cities will need to offer a mixed use area, including great retail and entertainment spaces. Setting guidelines for residential development too, it says there will be less definition of specific areas of the urban landscape. Guidelines are also in place with regards to transportation and land use.

Put together in a set of meetings over a five-month period, key stakeholders have contributed to the plan. With its main aim to revitalize the area, the opening of businesses such as Best of Brews and Pure Taqueria are held up as positive examples.

Anyone in Duluth can read the full 100-page report, which further explains the planning principles behind its writing.