West Cobb Business Builders Social taking place January 9th

January 1, 2012 by  

Atlanta business owners have a fantastic opportunity to network and gain referrals via the West Cobb Business Builders Social.

Scheduled to take place January 9th, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. this is going to be a time where professionals can get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere. While those who plan to be present are being asked to RSVP ahead of time, there’s no limit to the number of friends and fellow professionals who can be brought along. The key here is to focus on bringing business cards.

With more than 160 online members and then some, West Cobb Business Builders has definitely got a few things working in its favor. If these numbers are anything to go by, the effort organizers have put towards ensuring that the group is mutually supportive and willing to help one another out have made these events meaningful for all. In the words of the group leaders themselves:

“West Cobb Business Builders is a group of business professionals in Cobb County, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Join us for a monthly morning meet-up and special events throughout the year. This networking group is free. All we ask is that you bring business cards, referrals and a one minute introduction of yourself and your business. We look forward to helping you Build your Business!”

Given the popularity of West Cobb Business Builders, Atlanta-based professionals who are feeling up for the trip would do well to order a large amount of business card printing before starting off.