Trees Atlanta contributes to city’s Georgia Arbor Day

February 14, 2014 by  

Arbor Day in Georgia is coming up and the non-profit Trees Atlanta, will host events this coming week. The mission of Trees Atlanta is to protect and enlarge the city’s urban forest by engaging in tree planting, as well as education and conservation efforts.

Arbor Day was started by J. Sterling Morton in 1872 in Nebraska. National Arbor day, the last Friday in April, is supplemented by each individual state’s own Arbor Day. Each state Arbor Day was chosen to reflect the optimum tree planting season for that state. For Georgia that ideal time is November through March and hence its Arbor Day celebration is held the third Friday each February.

On February 20 the organization will host an event featuring the science writer from the New York Times and author of ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’, Jim Robbins. He will speak on the subject of ‘The Power of Trees and How It Can Help Save the World’.

From 9:00 am until noon, a seedling planting co-hosted by the WABE 90.1 will occur on February 21 and 22. This is in conjunction with a pledge made by Tree Atlanta to plant a one-year old tree for every donation made during the station’s spring pledge drive.

Nonprofit organization like Trees Atlanta often benefit from engaging stationery printers to promote themselves; banners and brochures inform the public of the holiday while also educating them about the organization’s mission.