Work continues to clear up Sandy Springs after storm

June 20, 2013 by  

Crews who are still clearing the debris caused by the local storms earlier this week are racing against time in Sandy Springs and throughout the metro Atlanta area, as another summer storm looks set to approach

Following the tornado that hit the area on Thursday last week, and the storm that piled in on Monday, there has been much to keep crews busy. This was certainly the case right here in Sandy Springs.

Workers spent hours clearing a fallen tree. The large oak had fallen into the Dunwoody Club Drive, just at Saddle Ridge Way, blocking several lanes.

More fallen trees throughout metro Atlanta wiped out the power for near 2,000 folks for a time too. A Canton resident interviewed by a local TV station said:

“There’s nothing we can do. If these trees are going to go, they’re going to go.”

With the weather in the summer becoming ever more violent here, local authorities are concerned that residents look after themselves and their homes. It is likely flyer and poster printing will ensure to advertise how to cope in the turbulent weather.

Many volunteers were out in force to help with their local tidy up, and the great spirit of Sandy Springs will no doubt come to the fore if and when more bad weather strikes.

For now though, the workers will no doubt continue to fight the good fight and prepare us for whatever comes our way, with one firefighter recently saying that dealing with the trees was a 24/7 job.