Lost Corner Preserve may soon be found

August 23, 2012 by  

Lost Corner Preserve is a park so obscure that it has been seen by very few people. However, all that could be about to change as a grant of $90,000 has been awarded to the Sandy Springs Conservancy to create trails, allowing visitors can enjoy the park.

The park is made up of 26-acres and located close to the Chattahoochee River and family home of Peggy Miles, the person who sold the land at a discounted rate to the city so that others could enjoy the property. The oak trees standing in the park have remained untouched since the Miles family purchased the house back in 1915. The Sandy Springs Conservancy executive director, Linda Bain, states that the house is not stable and the park is overgrown, making it difficult for visitors to get access, which is why trails are to be built. The conservancy has contributed $25,000 and several volunteers towards the project, in addition to the original grant.

Originally, the land was purchased by the Trust for Public Land to prevent development. Two acres of land were set to one side to be used for expenses if needed by Peggy Miles. However, she died in 2008. At this time, the land was transferred to the city. The grant, received this month, will make it possible for others to enjoy the park just as Miles wished. However, as the park is called Lost Corner Preserve, local poster printing services may be required to raise awareness of the park and its location.