First phase regeneration gets council support

February 13, 2013 by  

Sandy Springs City Council has giving its backing to the first phase of the city’s much talked about new Town Center. Approval for the development received unanimous support last week.

Despite the resolution being smoothly passed though, council members were keen to express their need for regular updates on the project. There are concerns regarding certain elements and costings, which need regular reports before implementation, but if these are managed, the council is satisfied.

This was evidenced no more clearly than Mayor Eva Galambos’ statement. When the resolution was passed, the Mayor reportedly said:

“Go for it.”

The cost of the first phase of the plan is estimated to come in at $58.5m. However, that does not cover the cost of the new civic center building. This will be covered in a separate cost of over $25m, with the plans yet to be finalized.

The City Council is to allocate up to $7.5m by 2020 to help with the costs of this development directly.

The redevelopment of the Town Center is seen as important for the future of Sandy Springs, in helping existing businesses to thrive, and helping attract new businesses in. Print companies in the area are all ready to help too.

The council is also looking at public/private partnerships to cover the costs of the complete redevelopment of the downtown area. There were fears this would mean long term businesses being forced out, though plans are being drawn up to ensure this is not the case.