Extra Sandy Springs officers sent to Bieber house

March 14, 2014 by  

Justin Bieber’s new Sandy Springs has become the subject of much attention over recent weeks, with extra officers from Sandy Springs Police Department (SSPD) being called.

The focus for a great deal of column inches across the world, the Canadian pop star has being staying locally at the house of a friend. Dallas Austin, a music producer, owns one of the city’s most well-known houses.

The location has seen a number of fans visit the site, many of them showing the results of their own poster printing efforts for their visit. The futuristic house, which takes up some 5,500 square feet of prime real estate here, has been visited by extra patrols from the SSPD as a result.

Captains at the Sandy Springs Chief Police Department are clearly confused by the attention. Addressing local and national journalists, one of the capatains said:

“He’s not an animal in a zoo.”

However, the captain did concede that he knew of Bieber’s appeal to many young fans.

The area is not new to having similar attention, with many stars making their homes in and around Atlanta.

One of these local stars is the reason for the 19-year-old’s recent stay in Sandy Springs. Also living close by is Usher, who has a home in the nearby neighborhood of Buckhead where he lives with his two sons.