Arthritis Walk comes to Sandy Springs

April 11, 2013 by  

To raise awareness of the prevalence and consequences of arthritis in this country, early May will see the 2013 Arthritis Walk take place. Sign-up is now open, while stationery printing runs have recently hit the streets of Sandy Springs and all across Atlanta.

There are somewhere in the region of 50 million Americans with arthritis right now, with two-thirds of them under the age of 65. A disease which has no prejudices; people of all races and creeds are affected.

As well as the adults though, over 300,000 American children live with the condition every day.

While everyone knows of arthritis, there are many that do not realize just how aggressively debilitating it can be. Recently quoted about the condition, Carla DiGiovanni, an Associate Board member of the Arthritis Foundation, said:

“It is so difficult to watch vibrant, willing people as they seem to shrivel with the loss of control over their own bodies.”

DiGiovanni, who suffered from arthritis as a child, went on to say that most people will know at least one person with the condition.

Considering this, the Arthritis Foundation will be hoping thousands turn out for its annual signature event. Raising funds as well as awareness, the walk is open to those suffering from the condition, their friends and family, or anyone else.

What makes the event particularly special for many is the wearing of blue hats by those afflicted. It truly gives scope to the numbers suffering with what is, effectively, the country’s most prevalent disability.

The walk starts at 10:00 am on May 4 at the King and Queen buildings. Registration commences from 9:00 am.