Metro Atlanta welcomes return of tax holiday

August 3, 2012 by  

Metro Atlanta parents will be giving a huge cheer for the welcome return of the tax holiday.

The tax holiday was abolished in 2009 but Georgia has reinstated the two days tax free shopping in August. Taxes are not charged on sales of computers, computer accessories, clothing and general items needed for the return to school, although there are limitations on some of these items.

Friday August 10 and Saturday August 11 will see parents spending more on back-to-school items this year, according to predictions by the National Retail Federation, who also state that the shopping period for back-to-school items is larger than Black Friday, the traditional shopping period leading up to Christmas. Retailers are preparing for a busy two days, possibly using local flyer printing services to publicize the tax free event.

According to a survey carried out by BIGinsight to study back-to-school spending in 2012, the average amount spent on children for the return to school is $690, which is an increase on 2011’s figure of $600.

The survey also indicated that parents will shop smarter, looking for real bargains and deals. Retailers state that promotions, both online and in-store will be more aggressive, possibly including some electronic items and clothing. The tax holiday was launched in 2002 by Roy Barnes, the Georgia Governor, but it was ended during the recession. However, parents were travelling to neighboring states that still had a tax holiday, meaning that Georgia retailers were losing custom. The Governor Nathan Deal has reinstated the tax holiday for this reason.