Local Businesses and Residents Teaming Up to Raise $25,000 for Charity

November 10, 2011 by  

On Saturday, November 12, people from all walks of life will be participating in the Atlanta Mattress 500 in an effort to raise funds for the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta and have some fun on the weekend as well. Teams of five will begin by selecting one person to ride on the bed while the other four push it through Atlantic Station as quickly as they can. Even though most people are already familiar with the basic concept of racing for charity, the Atlanta Mattress 500 is a competition with a twist. Teams are also supposed to raise additional funds and customize their beds before they race. The decorations they use can incorporate anything from banner printing to personal blankets but changes can’t be permanent and the team will only have 20 minutes to decorate. In the end, teams will be evaluated based on racing time, decorations, and fundraising ability.

The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta provides several important services for both the underprivileged and those who are working their way out of homelessness. Working in partnership with other charities and organizations, the Furniture Bank touches the lives of thousands every year. Interestingly enough, residents aren’t the only ones getting involved. Many well-known names, companies, and non-profits are also putting their weight behind this year’s Atlanta Mattress 500. CBS has several staff members that will be present and entities like Chick-fil-A and Trinity House have also given their support. Although spots are limited, registration will be open until Thursday. Those who are interested in participating will have to move quickly.