Grants for local charities from Georgia gas company

December 9, 2012 by  

TrueBlue Community Awards were presented to 13 non-profit organizations in Georgia recently, in recognition of the difference made to the lives of people in Georgia.

Georgia Natural Gas (GNG), a provider of natural gas in Georgia, donated $50,000 to be presented to the organizations. The largest grant of $10,000 was awarded to the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy, which is located in Atlanta.

Georgia Natural Gas is looking for a non-profit organization which provides support and commitment to all aspects of life in the city, to support children, seniors, sustainable environmental issues, and education. The Georgia Center for Child Advocacy (GACFCA) fulfills its criteria for the award. Children who are abused receive help in the form of therapy, intervention, prevention, and collaboration. The President and CEO of GNG, Mike Braswell commended the dedication of the applicants from GACFCA, applauding the commitment to improve the lives of Georgia residents.

Georgia non-profit organizations have been supported by GNG for the last decade, with 2012 being the second year for TrueBlue Community Awards. This year, the theme was ‘The Energy to Make a Difference’ and all the organizations have proved that they have made a difference for many in Georgia. Other award-winning organizations in Atlanta included Quality Care for Children, Southface, and Atlanta Legal Aid Society. The awards were presented on November 15 at the headquarters of GNG. The organizations may utilize the services of local printing companies to provide brochures and posters promoting their services to the Georgia community.