Georgia lottery celebrates 20 years

July 3, 2013 by  

Leaders of Georgia, both current and previous, joined forces to celebrate the state lottery’s 20th anniversary recently. The University of Georgia hosted a ceremony to observe the occasion. The day was declared “Zell Miller Day” by Nathan Deal, governor of Georgia, to honor a predecessor who assisted the launch of the state lottery and even purchased the very first ticket. The lottery was set up in 1993 to provide funding for the HOPE Scholarship program.

According to Miller, the program has exceeded all expectations, raising over $14 billion towards education, helping students in a number of areas including Atlanta. The program has grown since its launch 20 years ago, but may still require the skills of local brochure printers to provide information for students and others who are interested in the program. However, during the recent economic downturn, reforms to the program have been introduced. The number of students increased, along with rising cost of tuition. Governor Nathan Deal believes that the reforms were necessary and as a result, revenues have increased which has placed the organization on firmer ground for the long term future.

The success of the program was cause for celebration by many of the state’s officials, as scholars spoke of the HOPE program. One HOPE scholar, Anna Wrigley said that the program had helped some of her friends to be able to attend college. To date, the HOPE program has helped over 1.6 million students in the last 20 years since the start of the Georgia lottery.