Cancelled wedding reception proves a hit for homeless organization

October 30, 2013 by  

An Atlanta family turned a cancelled wedding into an act of generosity last month.

When the daughter of Carol and Willie Fowler told her parents that her wedding was going to be cancelled, they were left with a venue that was paid for, along with entertainment and food. Although the original intention was to cancel the wedding reception, the family decided to donate the entire event to homeless people from their local nonprofit organization in Atlanta, Hosea Feed the Hungry.

When the Fowlers offered the reception to the organization, the nonprofit initially thought it might be a prank. However, following a meeting with the Fowlers, the organization set about transporting 200 homeless people to the party, which was held at the Villa Christina.

The event started with appetizers served outdoors. As the reception moved indoors, the children were kept entertained in their own room with face painting, clowns, and jugglers. Adults were served chicken and salmon, while the children ate French fries and chicken fingers. Quisa Foster, from Hosea Feed the Hungry said that it was a pleasure to see everyone clear their plates.

A motivational speaker was part of the entertainment for the adults. Although the day was a bittersweet occasion for the Fowlers, they advise other people to do the same as venues are often cancelled at the last minute. Local charitable organizations are often promoted using flyer printing services of a local print company, giving people chance to become involved as volunteers or to donate.