Atlanta Chamber to host federal update

April 2, 2012 by  

As is normally the case, the Metro Atlanta Chamber has a full schedule ahead of it. Two of the events that local professionals may want to consider attending include a Federal Update being given by the United States Chamber along with the next installment of the “Value Proposition that Drives Sales” seminar both being hosted this April.

The action starts with the Federal Update on April 12th. With so many businesses having to keep up-to-date on regulation and industry changes, there are times when it doesn’t seem like businesses are getting all the things they need from the government. As most Atlanta entrepreneurs and business professionals are already aware, however, “new changes” don’t always mean “good changes”.

Through its work, the United States Chamber of Commerce has been working to make sure that businesses of all sizes are being put in a position to succeed. In this presentation, Robert Purser, of the United States Chamber of Commerce, will be talking about how companies were able to resist new changes to the proper reporting of 1099s. In this talk, business owners will be hearing about recent news on this front as well as finding out what they can do to get involved.

Professionals wanting to use their business card printing can do so on the 24th during the “Value Proposition that Drives Sales” seminar. At this member-exclusive event, Chris Hanks of the UGA Terry College of Business and Jim Beach of The Entrepreneur Skill will be giving advice on how members can capitalize on the networking opportunities the chamber has to offer. This is another one worth attending.