Winter Park presents special holiday contests and promotions

December 2, 2011 by  

The Second Annual “Winter in the Park” Holiday Window Contest and Skate! Shop! Dine! Promotion will begin in Winter Park, Florida on Thursday, December 1. The contest is designed to determine which of those merchants who have establishments along Park Avenue and in downtown Winter Park have transformed their storefronts into extraordinary winter and Christmas displays.

Two categories will be used to judge the merchant displays. The first category is called “Design Excellence” and will be based on the creativity of the merchant, the theme, use of color and space and the merchandise that will be displayed. The winner of this category will receive a credit of $500 towards their electric bill, a gift of the Electric Utility Department of the City of Winter Park.

The second category is the “Peoples’ Choice Award” and will be determined by the patrons of the participating merchants who will decide which is their favorite window display. Printing services will be used to print ballots that will be made available in the stores of the merchants, at the Winter Park Welcome Center and at the “Winter in the Park” ice skating rink that is located in Central Park West Meadow. Patrons have until Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. to make their decisions. A drop box will be located at the check-in table at the ice rink where the ballots can be deposited. The winner of the “Peoples’ Choice Award” will get a credit of $250 towards their electric bill, made possible by the Electric Utility Department of the City of Winter Park.

The Skate! Shop! Dine! promotion provides patrons of the ice skating rink to receive wristbands that they can display at local businesses in order to receive special discounts and prizes.