West Palm Beach SunFest the biggest in 30-year history

May 8, 2012 by  

The 30th annual SunFest in West Palm Beach, Florida kicked off for five days beginning Wednesday, May 2nd. The organizers of the event most likely used poster printing and flyer printing to attract tourists as well as the local community to the music festival, the only one of its kind in Palm Beach County.

The inaugural performance of the festival on Wednesday night included five bands, featuring the Counting Crows as the headline act. Thursday night featured a hip hop show with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dog that turned downtown West Palm beach into an urban mecca.

According to Melissa Sullivan, a spokesperson for SunFest, this year’s event may have been one of the most successful of all due to the good weather, a huge variety of national acts, and Cinco de Mayo.

Cory Silver of West Palm Beach Fire Rescue added that the unusually warm weather caught some people off-guard, with many experiencing dehydration and other symptoms of heat exhaustion. His crew was able to respond to these cases as best they could as many opted to drink water and stay inside in the cooler, air-conditioned environments.

Sullivan added that the Sunfest was a boon to local businesses as well. An additional $13 million is estimated to be pumped into the local economy during the event, with hotels and restaurants seeing the biggest gains.

Many roads in the downtown area were closed during SunFest. Clean-up began Sunday night with removal of the sound equipment from the barges and trash and recyclables in the street.