Noon Year’s Eve celebration to come to West Palm Beach

December 12, 2017 by  

This New Year’s Eve, the West Palm Beach area will be greeting 2018 a little bit early so that families can join in the celebration without having to stay up until midnight to do it.

The Palm Beach Zoo will play host to Noon Year’s Eve, which will be a family friendly event. This will be the third year for the festivities, and there will be lots going on for all ages.

Kids and parents alike can join in the dance party, and there will also be face painting and other activities to mark the occasion.

At noon, apple juice ‘champagne’ will be served and the partygoers will be able to raise their glasses in a toast to 2018. Since the zoo is in ‘The Sunshine State’, instead of the traditional ball drop, there will be a sun drop, and everyone is welcome. Noise makers, hats, banners, and a wide selection of other customized party supplies can be provided to an event like this by an area printing company.

Admission to the Noon Year’s Eve celebration is included in the regular ticket price for the zoo. The festivities are scheduled to begin at 10:00 am in the institution’s Fountain Plaza on December 31. Anyone who needs additional information or has a question about the function has been asked to consult the zoo’s website for further details.