Mounts Botanical Garden celebrates Arbor Day

January 24, 2012 by  

Florida Arbor Day was celebrated at the Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday January 22 with the planting of the Simarouba glauca, more commonly known as the Paradise Tree. Mounts Botanical Garden celebrates the day annually with the planting of a tree and uses printing services to print flyers and posters about its celebrations to distribute to the local community.

The day features tours, horticulture lessons and other activities and experiences in the gardens. A favorite activity among students during the event is planting seeds. Melanie Ferran, a student at the Wynnebrook Elementary School is a member of the school’s Garden Club and has been an active participant in planting a vegetable garden at the Elks Lodge near the school. The Garden Club has 28 members from the fourth and fifth grade and also had a booth at the Arbor Day event with pictures drawn by the students in honor of the day.

Also attending the event were officials of the Florida Forest Service, who had a booth where they had literature about fires and information on the native trees in the state. Mark Torok, a senior forester for the Service’s Everglades district, pointed out that trees in Florida are more tolerant of dry conditions and so are better able to sustain wildlife. Torok noted that the Paradise Tree, in particular, does not require high quality soil or a lot of water and so is able to survive in areas where other plants might not survive. By being able to convert carbon dioxide into large amounts of oxygen, the plant is able to produce seeds that are full or nutrients and timber that is resistant to termites.