University of South Florida has successful fundraising campaign

August 10, 2013 by  

The University of South Florida (USF), in Tampa, Florida, through its Foundation, has just concluded its highly successful ‘Unstoppable’ fundraising campaign. Beginning in 2009, it raised a whopping $621m, breezing past its $600m goal with room to spare.

Although the Foundation’s influence is often seen in things like new athletic amenities and ultra-modern medical centers, it is sometimes much more subtle. For instance, Porsche Purkett, who is pursuing a double major of sign language interpretation and violin, was having a difficult time paying the university’s fees. However, since her double major is so unusual, it qualified her for a Chip Weiner Uncommon Sense scholarship, and the money will allow her to finish the year in the fall.

Purkett is excited and grateful to have won the scholarship, stating that without it, she risked taking on even more debt, or perhaps postponing her last year.

Another student having financial difficulties was Valerie Bay, who has grown-up children but still pursues her dream of teaching. She was awarded a Carol Bellamy Scholarship in Constitutional Studies, which will allow her to finish her Master’s in education, a program in which she is already enrolled. Bay notes that the award has allowed her to stop worrying about money so she can focus on her education.

The foundation might consider working with brochure printers to create a piece for their donors that describes the scholarships, buildings, and other facilities their donations will fund. The brochure could also include the Foundation’s mission statement and a mention of the necessity for continuing monetary support.