Trendy new restaurants set to open additional locations in Tampa area

August 25, 2013 by  

Ciccio’s California, a trendy restaurant known for its delicious yet healthy offerings, is planning to open two new locations in the Tampa area – one in Riverview and the other in Tampa Palms. Riverview is about 12 miles from downtown Tampa, while Tampa Palms is 15 miles out.

An August 14 news item revealed that Jeff Gigante and James Lanza, the business partners behind the Ciccio’s California concept, describe their establishments as places people visit when they don’t want to dine at extremely upscale restaurants. Ciccio’s California is an “in-between” eatery, which features friendly, fast service. They call it “fast-casual” and aim to make delicious food that’s healthy but not bland.

The Tampa Palms restaurant, which will occupy space at 17004 Palm Pointe Way, is set for an October opening, and the Riverview location, in the Winthrop Town Centre at 11230 Sullivan Street, should open in either November or December. The Tampa Palms location puts Ciccio’s California in what might be described as a “restaurant row”, since Red Lobster and Stonewood Tavern & Olive Garden are all nearby.

Gigante is especially excited by the Riverview site, and anticipates a lot of traffic from people who know about the company from its South Tampa restaurant, which is about 20% larger than either of the new locations.

Gigante and Lanza no doubt already have menus, but they could work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer, telling residents about the new restaurants and perhaps including a coupon for a discounted meal within a few weeks of the opening.