Texas bridge provides work for Tampa steelworkers

January 28, 2014 by  

When the Margaret McDermott Bridge opens in Dallas, some of its components will have been fabricated in Tampa. Tampa Steel Erecting Co. has been selected to build two gigantic, 300-foot arches that will soar above the bridge, which crosses the Trinity River.

The $40 million paycheck will allow Tampa Steel to hire a minimum of 25 new employees to join the company’s current workforce, all 80 of whom are already working on the project.

The new bridge carries Interstate 30 across the river, with pedestrian and bicycle walkways running beside the traffic lanes. The arches Tampa Steel is providing were designed by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and will be mounted above these walks. The bridge itself is part of an $800m effort to overhaul all the bridges in Dallas.

Tampa Steel has built bridges around the nation, as well as constructing the steel support structure of the Spaceship Earth globe at Disney’s Epcot Center. Spaceship Earth has become the symbol of Epcot.

Margaret McDermott is a philanthropist and wife of Eugene McDermott, one of the co-founders of Texas Instruments. She is being honored since she was the first person to contribute to the effort to engage Calatrava as the bridge’s designer.

Tampa Steel might take this opportunity to work with brochure printers to create a booklet that illustrates its work on this project. It could use it to solicit additional, similar jobs from other municipalities that are retrofitting or building bridges and other structures.