Tampa residents have lots of art to take in

July 14, 2013 by  

Art lovers have a lot to see right now, thanks to the current goings-on at the Tampa Museum of Art. Like most museums and galleries, Tampa’s art museum has a permanent collection that includes everything from ancient Greek and Roman materials to contemporary artworks. However, there are currently three special exhibits as well.

The first, which closes July 27, is the Annual Awards Exhibit of the National Sculpture Society. This is the Society’s premier exhibit, and is held only in Tampa and South Carolina. The Sculpture Society chose 46 winners from hundreds of entries, ranging from classical to modern sculptures. Artists have created a variety of works including bas-reliefs, busts, and figures in all shapes and sizes.

A second temporary exhibit is of work by Mexican-American and Mexican artists from the time of the Mexican Revolution (approximately 1910-1920) to today. The Mexican arts exhibit runs through September 15.

Also running through September 15 is an exhibit entitled ‘Faded Elegance: Photographs of Havana’, taken by Michael Eastman. Nearly 30 of Eastman’s photos, each six feet wide by seven and a half feet tall, are being shown. Eastman shot them between 1999 and 2010 in order to explore the changes taking place in Havana, the capital of Cuba.

The museum could work with brochure printers to create a piece that highlights the special exhibits, and also gives the museum’s hours, fees, and parking suggestions. The brochure could be placed at the train station, bus depot, and airport for visitors to take.