Tampa residents enjoy their own version of the Antiques Road Show

January 12, 2013 by  

Last Saturday, January 5, appraisers were available at the Henry B. Plant Museum to talk to Tampa, Florida residents who wanted them to have a look at possessions they hoped would prove valuable.
This Tampa version of the popular PBS program ‘Antiques Road Show’ takes place at the museum seven Saturdays during the year. Tampa residents who want to have their things evaluated were able to talk to appraisers in the Music Room of Plant Hall, located at the University of Tampa. The appraisals began at 10:00 am Saturday, and appraisers gave verbal evaluations of the goods as well as answering questions from owners.

People could bring anything they wanted to have examined, though the museum did ask that people not try to bring in large furniture. Instead, they were encouraged to bring a clear photo and a door or drawer from the piece.

Residents were also asked to limit the number of items to be evaluated to four, and there was a $5 fee for each item. The money raised from this event goes to support the museum. After the evaluations, residents who wanted to do so could tour the museum free of charge. The Henry B. Plant Museum, as mentioned, stages this event seven times per year, with upcoming dates of February 2, April 13, and a yet to be confirmed date in May.

Museum event planners could work with brochure printers to create brochures giving guidelines for the evaluations. They could also consult flyer printing experts to create a handout for those visiting the museum after the event.