Tampa company wins substantial contract

September 20, 2013 by  

A Tampa company has bagged a notable U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contract, it was recently revealed.

The $76m award went to the Tampa office of Archer Western Construction LLC, which will work on the Picayune Strand Restoration Project forming part of the much larger Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. Archer Western’s headquarters are in Atlanta, and the company has seven offices across the region. The company is part of the Walsh Group, which is a general contractor based in Chicago with a 5,000 employee workforce.

The Picayune part of the project is only the first part of the restoration. Archer Western’s contract calls for it to build a pumping station, remove miles of roads, and plug 13 miles of canals. The restoration project comprises more than 50,000 acres of Florida uplands and wetlands located between the Tamiami Trail and Alligator Alley. Archer Western will work with at least two other contractors on the restoration effort.

The Everglades restoration project is aimed at capturing fresh water that currently flows unused to the Gulf of Mexico or to the Atlantic Ocean, and redirecting it to those areas in which it is most needed. Most of the water will go to reviving the dying Everglades, which are a unique ecosystem. The remainder will go to enhance water supplies in south Florida.

Archer Western might consider working with a postcard printing company to create a mailer for residents in South Florida, informing them of the work and the benefit of the project. The card could also explain how to keep the Everglades healthy.