Software site opens up near Tampa

March 11, 2013 by  

Software company iDatix, which provides workflow automation as well as content management, has chosen East Clearwater as the location for its new headquarters.

The firm bought its 28,000 square foot, four-story building in April 2012, when it outgrew its previous workspace. The company provides software solutions to a wide variety of industries including healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and national defense.

The company was founded by Steve Allen, who is also its CEO. Allen grew up in the Tampa area and started iDatix here. He says he appreciates the support the city and county of Clearwater give to the businesses that operate in the region, and never considered putting the headquarters anywhere else.

Allen says he and his organization strive to provide the best products available in the software industry, created by the leading staff in the business. He notes that the exceptional number of gifted people in the Tampa/Clearwater area is one of the reasons for moving iDatix to its new location. The talent pool will enable him to hire programmers and developers who come from the local area, but who also have the skills the company needs to continue to grow.

Allen and iDatix could work with business card printing experts to make sure new employees have up-to-date cards. Since many printers today use digital printing, it is now practical and cost-effective to run small jobs. It is easy, therefore, to change cards when employees change or add new email addresses, for instance. This will keep everyone up-to-date and make community outreach much easier.