Music showcase to set the Tampa tempo

April 12, 2013 by  

Followers of local musicians in Tampa, Florida, will have the opportunity to hear some of their favorites live this month.

Two radio stations are teaming up to showcase local musicians in weekend events that people can enjoy in person, over the radio, or on-line.

The event is the first ‘Area Musicians Promoting Diversity’ (AMPD) event to be held in Tampa, and is the brainchild of KAM-BABS Promotions. The aim of the showcase is to support the work of musicians in the Tampa Bay area. The two stations involved are WPRN Pirate Radio Network, and 102.1 FM, The Party Pirate.

The event begins in Tampa on Saturday, April 20, with a Kickoff Show at 4:20 pm. The show will be presented live by the two stations and broadcast from the studio of The Party Pirate, which is located inside the Radio Bar and Grill located in Tampa.

The show itself starts at 7:30 pm. and features live performances by Zig Zag America at 8:00 pm followed by the Shotgun Junkies performing at 9:30 pm. An interview of Keith Wilkins, conduct by Jeff Vitolo, ends the evening.

People who are interested in the event can watch live at the Radio Bar and Grill at 2806 E. Busch Boulevard in Tampa. If they prefer, they can listen and watch the event via WPRN Pirate Radio Network by logging on to the website, or listen to the radio broadcast on 102.1 FM.

Event organizers could work with poster printing experts to create materials to display throughout the area to bring music lovers to the event.