Fictional characters speed date at Tampa Comic Con

April 24, 2013 by  

Attendees at Florida‘s Comic Con had a chance to find out how compatible some of their favorite comic book superheroes were with one another earlier this month, as their alter egos went speed dating at the convention in Tampa during the first weekend of April.

Comic books have kept printing companies busy for years, and fans of comics and video games spent an enjoyable weekend discussing their interests, and speed dating. Many came to the event in costume, though some attendees, such as Jeremy Mosher of Bradenton and James Blaylock of New Port Richey, did not have complete outfits.

Mosher, who was at the convention to celebrate his birthday with friends, called himself the Scarlet Spider and wore red spandex from head to toe, but elected not to wear his mask, saying it would be “weird” to do so while on a date. Blaylock, a muscular young man, appeared as Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego, but regretted his hair was the wrong color to truly impersonate the beloved character.

The speed dates were limited to two minutes each, with Croix Provence, the host of the convention, keeping time. The event cost the men $5 each but was free for women, and was held both days.

Some people went speed dating simply for the fun of it, but others were looking for a connection, and it worked. Nick Krouskos of Hudson met Krista Foskit of New Port Rickey and the two hit it off, finding that the both love the famous video game ‘World of Warcraft’. They planned to meet later to continue playing.