Enjoy a fantasy hair, art and fashion show in Tampa

April 18, 2012 by  

The 5th annual “Mane Event” will take place at Green Iguana Stadium on May 19 beginning at 8 pm. Tickets are $20; dress is casual chic and admission is limited to those over 21. The event will benefit the Big Cat Rescue and Equestrian Inc. Horse Rescue of Tampa.

The event is presented by the Hello Beautiful Colour Salon and Art Spa. The most important part of the “Mane Event” will be a fantasy hair, art and fashion show featuring The Rosewoods. The night will also feature musical entertainment from Lady Darjuxena, silent auctions, casino games, a DJ and dancing. There will also be a block party after the fashion show. Tampa printing companies will most likely have helped to provide the spa with poster printing services to advertise the show; they could also help to provide them with banner printing and other services to help decorate the Green Iguana.

Both the Big Cat Rescue and Equestrian Inc are organizations which are dedicated to providing helpless animals with proper homes and proper care. The Big Cat Rescue does just that, it rescues big cats such as leopards, tigers and lions which have been smuggled into the United States and that are being abused. Equestrian Inc. rescues “abandoned, abused, unwanted or slaughter bound horses” and “strive to adopt out as many animals as possible to loving informed homes”. Both organizations are heavily dependant on donations and both hold several fund raising events yearly.