Construction continues on Tampa’s Riverwalk

June 13, 2013 by  

For several years, Tampa, Florida, has been working on the construction of a pedestrian trail that will eventually cover 2.4 miles, providing open space and an enjoyable experience for residents.

Downtown, the Riverwalk, which lies next to the Hillsborough River, goes through the Arts District and on into the Channelside District. Now, work is about to start on the next phase, known as the Kennedy Boulevard Plaza Segment.

In a celebration, Bob Buckhorn, Mayor of Tampa, along with several former mayors and Victor Mendez, who is the Federal Highway Administrator, unveiled a sign to signal the start of construction on June 4.

The new section, which is on the east side of the river, will be 1,460 feet in length and pass under the Kennedy Boulevard Bridge. The path will feature four shady areas, each of which is 35 feet wide and range in length from 35 to 75 feet. They are designed as gathering places for people walking the path.

The new segment will connect two public parks and give bicyclists and pedestrians an addition 1.8 miles of continuous walkways for their enjoyment. The new section is slated to be built by Johnson Brothers LLC at a cost of approximately $9m. It is thought that the segment will take about 18 months to finish, and should open for use some time in November 2014.

City officials could work with brochure printers to produce a mailer that includes photos of the new Riverwalk, plus a map and a list of attractions that can now be accessed from the trail.