Bank plans to open a branch in Tampa’s Westshore district

October 31, 2013 by  

The First National Bank of the Gulf Coast (FNBGC) is locating a branch in the Westshore district of Tampa, the first site for the bank in the city.

According to Brian Keenan, who is FNBGC’s regional president, the new branch will be open by the end of 2013, providing the move is approved by bank regulators. The branch will be located at 4404 West Kennedy Boulevard in Westshore, which is a popular area and home to numerous businesses, as well as the Tampa International Airport.

The new branch takes over the site formerly occupied by Florida Capital Bank, which closed August 1. Keenan joined First National, which is based in Naples, a few years ago, and opened offices in Tampa and Orlando to provide specific services. The Tampa office was for loan production and the office in Orlando was a lender; together bringing in almost $20m in deposits. However, Keenan notes that without a central location providing full services, it can be challenging to provide adequate help to businesses and customers.

First National already has four locations in Collier County and $668.5 million in assets. The bank also plans to merge with the smaller Shamrock Bank of Florida, also of Naples. Should the merge go through, it will reunite several executives who once worked together at Fifth Third Bank.

Officials could work with a business card printing company, since they will no doubt need to provide up-to-date cards for their staff members and executives.