Alpha Delta Pi members reunite in Tampa

January 12, 2013 by  

Alumnae of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority welcomed the New Year with a gathering in Tampa, Florida. The party was held December 21, 2012, at the home of Alysia Ekizian, one of the members.

Guests included the alumnae as well as current sorority members, who came to celebrate from universities across the country, including schools in Florida as well as the University of South Carolina at Clemson, and USC. In some cases, the students’ mothers attended with them, bringing the total number of attendees to approximately 50.

Alpha Delti Pi (ADPi) got its start at in 1851 on the campus of Weslevan Female College in Macon, Georgia. ADPi, which has over 150 alumnae groups and more than 140 collegiate chapters now active, is the first secret society created specifically for university women.

The annual “Christmas Coffee,” as the event is known, has been a tradition for at least 35 years, and is something all alumnae anticipate eagerly, said Erin Hodge, a chapter president. Ekizian added that the coffee is a way to reconnect with old friends and meet the newer members of the sorority. The menu, which is always the same, comprises spiced tea, finger sandwiches and a coffee punch. The real treat, though, is the company and the opportunity to catch up on the news from chapters around the country.

Event organizers could have postcard printing done to create a mailing announcing the next event. They could also have flyer printing done that would create a commemorative product for attendees to have as a memento of the event.