Sunrise in running for City Livability Award

April 9, 2012 by  

The U.S. Conference of Mayors has named the City of Sunrise a second round finalist for the 2012 City Livability Award. The award, which was founded in 1979, is given to 10 mayors and their cities, and Sunrise is one of the 15 top finalists.

Most of the reason for Sunrise making it to the second round was because of the New Homebuyer Incentive Program which offers “city funded rebates for improvements to newly-purchased foreclosures and short-sale homes.” The program, which became effective in January of 2012, is run by the Redevelopment and Grants Division of the City of Sunrise Community Development Department. The program has approved over $30,000 in rebates since January, for improvements such as landscaping the exterior, roof replacement, exterior house painting, and energy-efficient appliances. The program relies entirely on city money and does not use any state or federal money.

Even the fact that Sunrise has made it to the second round so far is a great coup for the city, and something to be bragged about. When city officials are arranging with local brochure printers for the next edition of tourist literature about the city, for the Convention and Visitor Bureau, this fact can be mentioned in the introduction by the mayor as something to be proud of.

Everyone likes to think that their city is a liveable city; being a finalist for the City Livability Award shows the people of Sunrise that this city is indeed a good place to live.