Celebrate Japanese culture in Sunrise

May 27, 2012 by  

The Anime and Japanese Culture Fest will take place at the Sunrise Civic Center on June 23, beginning at 12:00 pm. This is a free event but seating at the movie viewings is limited.

The festival will feature the two movies “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow.” The former of those was nominated for an Oscar in 2006. It will also feature Taiko drummers, karate demonstrations, Japanese snacks, the art of origami, bonsai gardening, manga comic books, a Japanese motorcycle display, and a cosplay costume contest. Cosplay is when people dress up as their favorite manga or anime character.

There is currently a lot of interest in the United States about Japanese culture, especially amongst younger people, mostly brought on by the interest in manga and anime comic books. This festival celebrates the history and will help to show how Japanese culture really is, rather than how it is often portrayed in comic books.

No doubt Sunrise printing companies will be helping the organizers of the Anime and Japanese Culture Fest get ready for the event by offering banner printing, poster printing and sign printing. One way to get word out on this event would be for the organizers to also arrange for flyer printing. A flyer is a great and inexpensive way of advertizing and the organizers could have flyers hand-delivered to the community at large or they could leave them in areas where youth and those interested in anime gather, such as local comic book stores.