Pompano Beach golf course reopens as a signature course

February 4, 2013 by  

The Pompano Beach Pines Golf Course has reopened after an extensive re-design by golf veteran Greg Norman.

It is seen as a ‘signature course’, since it was designed by a well-known former golfer. Norman won over 20 US PGA titles and over 80 professional events in his career. He has designed over 84 golf courses throughout the world – 12 of which are in Florida.

The golf course, of which the city of Pompano Beach is the owner, reopened on January 1 after being closed for the previous nine months. The re-design of the golf course cost $4m.

The course has already seen an increase in members. The official opening took place on January 23 and Mr. Norman was in attendance to speak to the crowd. During his address to those who attended, he stated:

“I am sure everybody is going to enjoy the course.”

Mayor Lamar Fisher also added that he expects the course to attract tourists from around the world, as well as several Pompano Beach residents. He went on:

“…the course will be affordable in relation to its quality.”

Some of the changes made to the Pompano Beach Pines Golf Course include new Celebration Bermuda turf, a better irrigation system, and various other features that will keep the cost of maintenance low.

The re-opening of the golf course gives the city the perfect chance to design a tourism marketing campaign around it. Pompano Beach printing companies can help by chipping in to design and print a brochure to be distributed to various tourist authorities throughout the country.