Wish Farms prospers on social media

February 7, 2013 by  

Wish Farms is a third generation family-owned strawberry farm located in Plant City and headed by Gary Wishnatzki, who has recently upped the online and social media presence of the farm as a way to help it remain successful.

The farm has updated its website, adding videos and recipes, while also increasing its visibility on Facebook, where it currently has over 11,000 fans – about 8,000 more than it had this time last year. It has also created a Pinterest account.

Concentrating more on social media helps to increase the communication between the farm and consumers. Wishnatzki has noted that it helps the farm to deal with any problems directly with the consumers and is also a way to enjoy positive comments and share them with others. He believes that having an expanded social media profile helps to cement Wish Farm’s brand awareness in the community. To further increase that awareness, the farm attends various festivals, including the yearly Strawberry Festival in Plant City which takes place at the end of February.
Wish Farms has 120 acres of strawberries and is a leader in organic berries. The farm has several variety of strawberries, unlike many other area farms that only concentrate on one type.

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