Training for business people at the Toastmaster’s Club

January 6, 2012 by  

Meetings of the Plant City Toastmaster’s Club take place every Thursday from 7:30-9 am. Membership is limited to those over 18 and consists of 20-30 members.

The Toastmaster’s Club is an international organization whose goal is

“to afford practice and training in the art of public speaking and in presiding over meetings, and to promote sociability and good fellowship among its members…”

Public speaking is hard for many people and can hinder their success in business. They must be able to speak clearly and confidently to their employees or employers.

A typical meeting allows each member practice in conducting meetings, giving speeches both prepared and impromptu and it allows other members to evaluate their peers. The club can also give practice in the art of networking with fellow Plant City business leaders. Arranging for business card printing would be a good first step if a company is planning to attend the Toastmaster’s Club meetings. Handing out a business card will give experience in talking to strangers and a chance to try out an “elevator pitch.” An “elevator pitch” is a one-minute summary of both a person as an individual and their business. It should be memorized and practiced to perfection.

It is usually easier to speak in front of a group of people when they are also nervous about public speaking. The only way to learn any skill is by doing and the Toastmaster’s Club allows everyone to do this in a relaxed and supportive environment.