Pig Jam brings world-class barbecue back to Plant City

October 26, 2013 by  

The Pig Jam State BBQ Championship is taking place once again in Plant City in about a month’s time. Now it its 11th year, it is a presentation of the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce.

The Kansas City Barbeque Society event features professional, amateur, and kids’ competitions. Participants compete for cash prizes for those who finish in the top 10. There are four categories of competition, and the top three professional finishers can compete in the Smithfield Rib Super Series with total cash prizes of $15,200.

In addition to the barbeque competition, guests can enjoy barbequed food, snow cones, live musical entertainment, and merchandise from a variety of vendors. All food and items must be paid for by “pig bucks”, which can be purchased on the premises. There will also be children’s activities during the day, such as rock climbing and moon walks.

Vendors can rent 10×10 foot booths from which to sell their items. No doubt many of them will be investing in services like sign and banner printing from Plant City print companies to make their booths more appealing to the public. Some of the best chefs will probably have digital business cards at hand to promote themselves as well.

The Pig Jam will take place at the Randy Larson Softball Four-plex Stadium on November 23 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Admission is free and parking is $5. To learn more about the championship, contact the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce at 813-754-3707.