UPS circle of honor inducts Florida drivers with 25 years of driving safely

February 25, 2012 by  

In Orlando, Florida, UPS recently announced 72 new drivers from the state of Florida who will be inducted in the company’s Circle of Honor, an organization that honors those UPS drivers who have been driving without any accidents over the past 25 years or more. UPS will be using printing services to print flyers and posters with the names, hometown and UPS work location of these drivers.

Of the total 4,324 UPS drivers in Florida, there are 307 drivers who are active members of the Circle of Honor and have a combined total of 8,617 years of driving without any accidents. Florida’s senior safe driver is Jacksonville’s Russell Taylor who has driven for 41 years without any accidents. This record places him sixth in the list of those with the best safe driving record out of the total of 102,000 UPS drivers. Overall, these 102,000 drivers have the safest driving record on the world’s roads, with more than 3 billion miles driven every year and driving every million miles with an average of less than one accident.

There are 5,842 active UPS drivers around the world who are members of the Circle of Honor. This year’s number of new inductees into the Circle of Honor is the largest increase in a single year in the history of the company. The president of the Florida District for UPS, David Ruiz, gave thanks to these new members who have saved many lives by driving without any accidents for 25 years and said that he is very proud of them for showing their dedication to their jobs by driving safely.