Universal Orlando announces expansion of hotel space

September 18, 2013 by  

Universal Orlando, the number two theme park in Central Florida, recently announced that it will be adding thousands more hotel rooms in the upcoming years. No doubt the park is using flyer printing to let visitors who plan to come to the area and business in the area become aware of this expansion.

Universal Orlando currently has 2,400 hotel rooms, and such an expansion would quadruple that number. This would be in addition to the 4,200 rooms to be added with the opening of Cabana Bay Beach Resort planned by Universal for early next year.

According to Steve Burke, NBCUniversal President and Chief Executive Officer, the addition of as many as 15,000 rooms would still enable Universal Orlando to have a high rate of occupancy and return a good profit. Also, its parks would more likely to be attended by those who stay in these rooms so that, from a strategic standpoint, opening rooms and building out the resort would make a great deal of sense.

Although some people have pointed out that this expansion could take visitors away from Walt Disney World, Burke has said NBCUniversal wants to become a destination in and of itself. Industry analysts have supported this comment, and have drawn attention to the fact that Universal opened its Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2010 and it was well attended, showing that it can attract travelers directly to its theme parks and not take away business from Disney.