Orlando’s well-renowned restaurant joins Uptown Network

June 26, 2012 by  

Norman’s, a restaurant known for its culinary preparations and service located in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando, Florida, announced on Friday that it will be joining the Uptown Network; a service offering wines lists and menus on a digital network. Most likely, Norman’s is using flyer printing and poster printing in addition to this service to make customers aware of its specialty menus, wine offerings, and unique services it offers to enhance the dining experience. Printed menus will no doubt still remain available as well.

According to the Wine Director and Sommelier at Norman’s, being a part of the Uptown network enables the restaurant to provide menus and wine lists to its customers on an iPad and offer them the ability to engage with expert sommeliers on an alternative level. It also acts a training tool, enabling staff members to learn more about wines and their suitability for various customers and their preferences.

Co-Founder of the Uptown Network, Ed Jones, added that Norman’s is the first location in Orlando for the company’s application. He feels that it will help to increase the already excellent customer experience that Norman’s provides.

Soon after Norman’s opened in the Ritz-Carlton, it gained top honors as one of the best restaurants in the country and has been placed in the Fine Dining Hall of Fame. Its chef, Norman Van Aken, has been called the most gifted chef in Florida by The New York Times and has written several award-winning cookbooks, which are available on the iPad application and in bookstores across the nation.