Legoland Florida to start construction on new hotel

January 15, 2014 by  

Legoland Florida, based in Winter Haven just outside of Orlando, recently announced that it plans to get a construction permit for a new hotel on its premises and that early work on the site could begin very soon after that. Legoland Florida most likely is using a variety of printing services to let people in the area know about this project, as it is expected to create 250 temporary jobs in constructions and another 250 permanent jobs in the hotel.

According to the general manager for the park, Adrian Jones, construction will begin once all the paperwork is in order.

The hotel will be the fifth Legoland-themed resort hotel in the family of Legoland parks. Its location is at an undeveloped portion of the park’s property near the main entrance. It will have 152 rooms and will include amenities similar to the other hotels, such as Lego-interactive play areas, rooms based on the Lego theme, a restaurant, and a pool. Jones added that the park is hoping that families will transition from staying a single day at the park to multiple days.

According to Michael Weinberg, an expert in the hospitality industry at the Orlando office of Holliday Fenoglio Fowler LP, depending on the number of amenities, the hotel could take at least 12 months to build. Legoland Florida is hoping to open the hotel by 2015. Weinberg added that the posting of the permanent hotel jobs will be most likely be about four to six months before the hotel opens.