Latest window and door technology to be shown at IBS Show Village Home

February 10, 2012 by  

The 13th annual International Builders Show Show Village, to be held later this month in Orlando, Florida, will feature Hurd Windows and Doors’ Ultra-R products, which are considered the window and door technology of future energy performance. Hurd is using printing services to print brochures and flyers about its new products and their benefit to the home owner.

The R-values of Hurd’s Ultra-R windows in the center of glass, range between R-6 and R-20, the latter being an unprecedented and ground-breaking achievement. In order to achieve these values, the windows used panes of insulated glass with Heat Mirror coated films suspended between them. Nanoscale particles, made of metal, coat these films which enable them to block ultraviolet rays, improve insulation, increase owner comfort and reduce noise.

The Cape Cod Technology Home will feature Hurd and its latest technologies available to builders. These include their Krypton-filled windows, made of a single film, in wood casements that are aluminum-clad and their wood sliding and swinging patio doors which are also aluminum-clad. Also on display will be their casement windows rated DP50 right out of the box, which demonstrates the solid construction of the company’s products; their simulated divided lite grilles that have a unique 2-inch wide bar in the middle that simulates the appeal of a double hung window but has all the functional, structural and energy advantages of a casement.

Dominic Truniger, the President and CEO of Hurd, said the show displays the latest and most environmentally sophisticated green building technology and that Hurd with its Ultra-R products, which provide the highest levels of performance in the energy efficiency of windows and doors, is pleased to be a part of this effort.