Food conference hosted by Orlando cooking maven

July 24, 2013 by  

This past weekend, Isabel Laessig, the founder of the Sunday Supper Movement in Orlando, hosted a Food and Wine Conference at Rosen Shingle Creek for marketing professionals, bloggers, and owners of small businesses. No doubt various printing services were used to announce this event so as to attract as many of her customers and followers as possible.

The Sunday Supper Movement began when Laessig’s oldest daughter went away for college and commented to her mother that she missed the meals over the weekend that they would prepare together. After that, Laessig started a blog about the Sunday suppers that the family had, writing an article once a week, and so the movement began.

The purpose of the Food and Wine Conference was to bring together the people she has met online and through various print media who delight in her posts and articles and consider them as virtual comfort food. Such people include chefs, winemakers, marketing professionals and small business owners who will learn and teach others about various ways to grow their businesses, both online and via printing services.

The highlights of the event were samples of all kinds of food, live chocolate demonstrations, and social networking events so that participants could engage in pleasurable activities, as well as business-related events. Sara Moulton, a chef, author of several cookbooks and television personality, was the headliner of the conference. She is the host of ‘Sara’s Weeknight Meals’, which airs on public television and is in its third year.